Top 3 Hot Gems to Buy In 2022: Decentraland, The Sandbox, and Petrousus

The fastest way to potentially make huge returns from the crypto world is to join the bandwagon of investors in the DeFi and GameFi world. DeFi and GameFi are pioneering the Web 3.0 space centered on token economics.  These industries are in their early stages and hold a lot of potential for early investors. To partake in the market, it is essential to understand some significant projects shaping the ecosystem and, if possible, participate in them. In this piece, we will be analyzing the use cases of three hot gems in the DeFi and GameFi space.

Decentraland (MANA): A Gamer’s paradise

The virtual world has all the features of the real world and in the virtual world, you can join communities, do business, play games, work, and a host of other things that make up the world of the Metaverse.

Decentraland (MANA) is a protocol that incentivizes users to participate in a virtual community. It started as just a blockchain ecosystem where people could buy real estate. Now, it has an integrated system for peer-to-peer communication and payment system.

Users are not limited to only purchasing real estate, they can also construct these virtual lands to their taste. They can also make buildings, create gaming arenas and also play games. The gaming idea also encourages people who aren’t land owners to participate in Decentraland (MANA). This category of people can either play games, develop games, or design collectibles used in games and many of its users enjoy making an extra income, just from playing the games on the platform. Decentraland(MANA) has a marketplace and Builder product for making and listing collectibles in the form of NFTs.

It is essential to know that the land deeds are NFTs called LAND. To purchase LAND and other collectibles, a MANA token is utilized. The MANA token also serves as a governance token.

The Sandbox(SAND): the blockchain of many opportunities

The Sandbox(SAND) shares considerable similarities with Decentraland. Like Decentraland, it allows users to purchase virtual lands for the creation of virtual experiences. However, The Sandbox(SAND) is currently limited to gaming.

The Sandbox(SAND) is an Ethereum-based software that enables a decentralized virtual gaming world. Once you purchase virtual lands, you are in full control. It is similar to buying physical land and creating a football stadium.

These virtual land plots are NFTs called LAND. Aside from LAND, The Sandbox (SAND) utilizes two other tokens. Its native fungible token, SAND, and NFT-styled Asset Tokens. SAND facilitates transactions on The Sandbox protocols, while Asset tokens are in-game items used to create virtual experiences.

The opportunities with The Sandbox(SAND) are limitless, The Sandbox(SAND) allows developers to design games on virtual lands or create in-game avatar-oriented assets. The platform’s Game maker facilitates the creation of games and gaming items. Hence, allowing developers to monetize their creation.

Petrousus (PSUS): New crypto with a lot of potential

The project Petrousus (PSUS) differs from The Sandbox and Decentraland. While those platforms combine Gaming and the Metaverse, Petrousus(PSUS) focuses on the financial world.

Petrousus (PSUS) is a decentralized financial application based on Binance smart chain. As a DeFi product, it aims to provide inclusive financial services to everyday users. The Petrousus (PSUS) developers have created a mobile app, that enables easy access to decentralized borrowing, savings, and staking. Users can access financial services without the bank acting as the middleman.

Petrousus (PSUS) stands out from other DeFi protocols, as it aims to provide all kinds of financial services from one platform. Petrousus (PSUS) also aims to solve the issue of scalability, complexity, and interoperability. The platform will be mobile-based. It will also support cross-chain transactions.

The Petrousus (PSUS) team has also considered the fears of new token holders. They have created processes and structures to combat rug pulls, whale moves, and shady deals. With the fast-paced growth of DeFi and GameFi, investors should consider joining the market while it is still in its infancy to get even bigger returns in the future.

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