Panel Discussion & Networking Event – London 21 April – Defi, NFTs, DAOs & the Blockchain Economy

After the Bell Events – The Mankoff Company – a Fintech Marketing Consultancy – The Bellringer _ Conversations with Leading Experts

The panel addresses Defi’s impact on traditional finance; Crypto assets and blockchain; NFTs; tokenisation of assets; Regulatory issues; growth areas to invest

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, March 23, 2022 / — LONDON: March 23, 2022: The Mankoff Company, a leading FinTech marketing firm, is pleased to announce its latest After the Bell panel discussion, featuring a panel with Adi Ben-Ari, Founder & CEO, Applied Blockchain; Aleks Nowak, CIO & Chief Listings Officer, BlockEx; Guv Kang, Founder, Bricktrade; Lavinia D. Osbourne, Founder, Crypto Kweens NFT Marketplace; Founder, WiBT Women in Blockchain Talks and Stylianos Kampakis, PhD, CEO & Instructor, The Tesseract Academy; Chief Data Officer, TechCity Ventures; Research Fellow, UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies. The panel will be facilitated by Stacey Mankoff, Managing Principal of The Mankoff Company, Founder, After the Bell Events and Producer, The Bellringer and will be immediately followed with a networking reception.

The panel will be addressing issues including how Defi impacted traditional finance; the impact of institutional adoption; Crypto assets and blockchain – what is the current and future status; NFTs and tokenisation of assets; Regulatory hurdles and the rise of CBDCs and what are the growth areas and industries for investment.

Stacey Mankoff , Founder of After the Bell events, says ”We are delighted to be back in the UK after our 2+ year hiatus and this an excellent panel with expert representation of those involved in the crypto space.”

Guv Kang, Founder & CEO of Bricktrade, one of the event’s sponsors, says “At Bricktrade we are working hard to solve real estate investment issues, including the restrictions of most people entering into the property market. Our AI technology allows thousands of investors to review a project and invest instantly. By using our smart contracts, this allows a client to track and monitor their properties. This is a game-changer in the property market space and I look forward to sharing more information about our developments at April’s event.”

“I am looking forward to discussing NFT’s, DeFi, tokenisation of real world assets, oracles and bridges.” says Adi Ben-Ari, CEO of Applied Blockchain, “Previous events have been amazing. We’ve met some great people and had some very interesting conversations.”

The event will be held at David Game College located in Tower Hill, London. To register and for more detailed information about the evening event, please go to:

After the Bell events, making complicated topics approachable, has been hosting these programs globally for the past 12 years. Past and Upcoming After the Bell events can be viewed here: After the Bell events are not streamed, video-recorded or audio-recorded in order to have candid and free-flowing conversations on the top-of-mind FinTech topics of today.

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