How nSights DeFi Trader Gives Crypto Traders Critical Data on Projects

If you need insightful data to make decisions on your DeFi investments, look no further than nSights.


nSights DeFi Trader is a decentralized, semi auto-trading bot powered by digieBot Technologies Inc. and TruBadger Nexus Ecosystem hosted on the Binance Smart Chain. It is currently one of the most advanced platforms for trading in the DeFi space. If, for example, you want to know whether you should invest in a certain coin or how profitable your trade can be, this is the go-to site. nSights will equip you with previously inaccessible tools necessary in your trading and enhance your experience. Whether a novice or an experienced trader, this tool will make your trading more profitable.

nSights DeFi Trader combines 40+ years of trading expertise with automation to give users accurate predictions. One of the tool’s features is the Whale Watcher, which offers you insight into how the largest holders of a project are behaving. This feature tracks major wallets and tells you whether they are holding, selling, or buying. In most cases, the whales are people who are close to the project’s owners or have some inside knowledge of the project. You can, therefore, glean a lot about the project from their behavior toward it. If the largest holders are buying, for instance, then you can reasonably deduce that it’s the right time to do the same.


The social sentiment is another tool nSights DeFi Trader uses to provide users with accurate data. nSights collects data from the marketplace and the extensive and thriving TruBadger Nexus Ecosystem communities, then systematically organizes the information. The data will tell you the projects people are speaking positively or negatively about, the good and bad news about a project, and more. For instance, if experienced traders believe a particular project will fail, you can wait it out if you are a new trader to minimize risk.


The other important feature of nSights DeFi Trader is its enhanced security against scammers. As stated earlier, the tool is trading a decentralized exchange. This means that you are not handing your money over to anyone during trading or giving them access to your wallet. On the contrary, the funds are transferred to a mid-wallet that conducts the trade, and then it’s transferred back. This security feature ensures hackers do not get access to your wallet, and you can’t lose funds when trading. nSights automation is coming soon.

The constant changes and developments in the DeFi space make it extremely difficult to keep track of every trend and analyze it. However, you can use nSights DeFi Trader and become a formidable DeFi trader in no time. Even better, you can leverage the extensive TruBadger Nexus Ecosystem community to tap into other areas in the crypto space.

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