DeFi Project Librium Tech Debuts Biggest Marketing Push, Attracting New Partnerships with Investors and Influencers

Cape Coral, Florida–(Newsfile Corp. – March 12, 2022) – Librium Tech (LIB), the revolutionary DeFi project with a groundbreaking approach towards cryptocurrency and reward-based tokens, launches its first big marketing campaign as part of an effort to push its “Worldwide Takeover” initiative. Librium partners up with several social media influencers and media firms to promote the project’s objective.

Librium Tech is an innovative venture into the DeFi market built on BNB Smart Chain (BSC). Librium strives endlessly to overcome all the hurdles in the DeFi space by taking all the short-comings and pitfalls of similar projects into account, presenting a sophisticated solution (view pitch deck) that delivers maximum comfort to users.

Librium Taking Marketing to the Next Level

Librium CEO, Jonathan Yates, believes that proper marketing is a key requirement for any project to thrive in the industry and expand its community.

“Librium intends to grow its audience by reaching out to people and converting them into first-time users. Before people become full-time users, we work on bridging knowledge and trust-gaps as not every would-be user understands the overall ecosystem and competitive advantages behind our project,” says Jonathan.

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“Librium has been persistently working on building partnerships with blockchain influencers, crypto clubs and media agencies to establish a worldwide network in order to reach every major city in the world.”

Partnerships with Influencers and Media Firms

Librium has been partnering up with several social media influencers, entertainment consulting agencies, TV and radio channels, crypto clubs and organizing community events to build a reputation and gain popularity, especially among the crypto community. One of the major partners of Librium Tech is international DJ and music producer David Leal, aka “Smiley Miami“.

Librium also collaborated with a Miami-based media consulting firm, Dimelo 305, conducting interviews about the project. 

Furthermore, Librium also has an advertising truck roaming around the streets of Miami with a digital billboard that says, “Librium Tech – The next massive cryptocurrency of 2022.” A number of planned partnerships are scheduled to be announced in the coming days, pushing the project to reach new heights.

What’s New in Librium Ecosystem

With an ingenious staking pool mechanism, never-before-seen tokenomic structure, a top-notch developing team and an ever-growing community, Librium Tech is set to redefine decentralized finance.

Play-to-Earn Game and NFT Project

Librium Space Defender is a space shooter, play-to-earn game, which is coming out in the near future.

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Librium Space Defender V1.0 – P2E game

Librium Tech is also going to have its own NFT line launched soon in the coming days. The NFTs are going to have utility and all the NFTs will be handmade.

Users can buy and sell NFTs directly through the Librium NFT marketplace.

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Librium’s NFT sneak peek

Librium Tech Vision

Librium CEO, Jonathan, has been consistently working with his friend and mentor, Dr. Lael A. Alexander, for the betterment of Librium Tech by putting the power back in the hands of consumers, leveling the playing field and increasing privacy for customers.

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Jonathan Yates and Dr. A. Alexander

Dr. Lael is the founder of SiloCloud, a suite of cloud computing services and products such as Silo Cloud Storage, Silo Chat etc. He also founded an industrial design firm, Notiavonne, in Houston, TX which was later established in Shenzhen, China, where the company’s services expanded to include prototyping and short-run manufacturing.

Librium also has plans to actually start selling high-end consumer electronics in the coming future.

About Librium Tech

Incorporating real hardware infrastructure, position and percentage-based tokenomics, Librium Tech is advancing forward.

To capitalize on market crashes, Librium Tech will pair with BUSD and repair with BNB. Librium will feature the world’s first sophisticated multi-sig with a master key, which means that no single individual will be able to withdraw from liquidity without the authorization of 5 different parties.

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Librium Tech

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The information provided in this release is not investment advice, financial advice or trading advice. It is recommended that you practice due diligence (including consultation with a professional financial advisor before investing or trading securities and cryptocurrency.

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