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2021 was the biggest year so far for DeFi growth. What once started out as Bitcoin has grown into a new digital economy full of cryptocurrencies, NFTs and a myriad of De-Fi project applications. This concept of DeFi now influences finance, gaming and even the way communities interact. With so many implications for the future, the industry has boomed. However, despite this success there is one big downside for investors. Where can they start? Every new project is promising to become the next big thing, only to underdeliver and significantly decrease in value. As a result, investors have become skeptical. YashaDAO is looking to change this. This innovative new project provides investors with a range of the best upcoming projects, all of which have been vetted and verified by crypto experts and the YashaDAO community. Although still new to the market, the dev team have promised both a community of investors for projects and only the best projects for its community. Here’s what the project is all about. 

What Is YashaDAO?

YashaDAO has set the goal of taking crypto out of the Sengoku Era. It aims to connect De-Fi investors with the best new projects in the crypto market. In the current market around 100 new projects are released every day. This leaves investors with an overwhelming amount to choose from. YashaDAO wants to make finding the right projects simple.

YashaDAO is providing an alternative to countless hours of research with its YashaPAD. YashaPad is an innovative DeFi launchpad that provides users with safe, secure and community chosen projects. Each project is hand-picked by the community, being chosen for its utility, long term roadmap and potential to influence the DeFi market. In addition to projects being selected based on their utility, YashaPAD will also put each project through a vigorous vetting system. This will ensure the authenticity of a project has been verified and provide users with peace of mind that the project they’re investing in is safe. 

As well as providing their community with a range of upcoming projects, YashaDAO will also support these projects with their Yasha Incubator. The incubator has been designed for new projects that have a lot of potential but are not sure where to start. Projects will receive expert guidance from some of the industries best crypto and DeFi experts. So far YashaDAO has successfully helped launch 6 projects. Much like YashaPAD, each project goes through an in-depth vetting system in which it’s verified by both a professional team and the community. If they see potential, they’ll help guide the project from a start-up to a booming DeFi project. 

The community behind YashaDAO will work together in the YashaDAO. This is a fully decentralized platform designed to empower the crypto community. Members will have the chance to vote in all YashaPAD launches and choose what projects make it through the project incubation process. This is a win-win for both parties. The project itself gets to validate its idea within the DeFi community. At the same time, the community gets to choose what projects they want in the future of DeFi. It also creates a safe environment for new investors to get involved when they have little to no experience. 

The YashaDAO Community 

The founding members themselves are experts across several industries, with years of expertise in DeFi. Together, they’ve collaborated to create one of the best communities in the DeFi world. The YashaDAO community are crucial to the project, dictating what projects are passed and what projects don’t quite make the cut. Currently, YashaDAO has 1826 unique token holders, with that number increasing dramatically every day. Each holder has the power to influence the future of the platform, putting it in the hands of its users. 

The Future of YashaDAO

Although the project is still in its early phase, YashaDAO is creating a community of like-minded investors who share a passion and love for DeFi and what it has to offer. The project has already gained a significant amount of traction. This is a sure sign of how much potential YashaDAO has to influence the future of DeFi. As the community continues to grow, so will its influence on upcoming projects, with only the best projects making it to the next phase.

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