Martin Luther’s Reformation Teaches Us How Bitcoin Can Be Profitable

That is an opinion editorial by Erik Dale, host of the “Bitcoin For Breakfast” podcast.

Whereas we’re removed from innocent, Bitcoiners are arguably a few of the most peaceable folks on earth. Initiating violence is antithetical to Bitcoin each as a retailer of worth and as a retailer of values. And the community does a superb job at defending itself by its decentralization. No military wanted.

And I actually don’t need any confusion with the “XRP Military” or the like.

But, with fiat nukes directed at London, Moscow and Berlin, our fiat overlords enriching themselves sooner than late medieval Popes and our fiat future promising a degree of censorship and surveillance the Gestapo by no means dreamed about, stacking sats could also be thought-about as our solely resistance.

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Author: Traciwininger

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